Forex Trading Signals Week 27 (27 Jun – 01 July) USDCAD scene #1

image-3520Forex Trading Signals On #USDCAD USDCAD Scenario #1 Wait for USDCAD to pullback further down to the green zone before entering long. Prices have turned here multiple times in the past. USDCAD might do the same u-turning again if it touches the green zone. Long USDCAD 1.2840-60 SL below 1.2750 TP 1.3100  

Forex Trading Signals Week 24 (06 – 10 June) EURUSD yo-yo

image-3513Forex Trading Signals In EURUSD EURUSD on a yo-yo 1.1200-20 in EURUSD is a critical support/resistance zone. This price level is already tested multiple times. If EURUSD retraces to this blue zone, look to enter a long position. Long EURUSD 1.1200-20 SL below 1.1100 TP 1.1600  

Forex Trading Signals Week 21 (16 – 20 May) CADCHF confluence factors

image-3502#Forex Trading Signals On #CADCHF #CADCHF confluence factors Confluence of 2 technical support signals at 0.7330-50. Looks like a strong level of for a bounce up. a) support/resistance zone at 0.7330-50 (as shown in green rectangle) b) bullish gartley 78.6% FIB completion around 0.7350 Long CADCHF 0.7330-50 SL 0.7250 TP 0.7750
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